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          1. Institutional objective

            institutional objective

            The Institute of Mass Communication Film and Television Studies is registered under the Societies Act, XXVI of 1961, Govt. of West Bengal having registration no S/IL/10093 to impart vocational courses in the field of media. This includes Mass Communication, Journalism, Public Relation, Advertising, Audio-Visual Communication and the other allied subjects related to media studies. This Society is formed as an irrevocable Non-Profit Organization.

            The basic objective of the Institute is to groom the students in the field of media and as such to generate employment and self-employment opportunities in media both in electronic and print including outdoor and corporate sectors. This will be an opening for the aspirant young students to establish themselves in their life.

            The University of Kalyani in technical collaboration with the Institute has started to broadcast education based infotainment programs through All India Radio, Kolkata-A (Prime Channel) at 657 Khz. covering 14 Districts of West Bengal. The contract between AIR and University of Kalyani has already been signed and a Memorandum of Agreement between the University of Kalyani and the Institute has been executed. By the virtue of the Memorandum of Agreement the Institute will produce and market all the programs on-behalf of the University for broadcast.

            The website of the Institute is meant for the propagation of the activities of the University of Kalyani, University affiliated colleges and the Institute including current affairs and features of interest to National and International viewers.

            The Institute alongwith the University of Kalyani is going to publish a fortnightly house journal to build up awareness in different areas of the society basically the students at large. This will also work as a career guide for the students of new generation. The Website of the Institute will also carry the important features published in the house journal.

            A proposed bilingual, Hindi/Bengali satellite television channel is offing to telecast traditional culture, costume, jewelry, foot wear, music, food habits, folk art & culture, dance, games and sports of Indian origin and the development of fashion designing by the designers and the Institutions in India including telefilms of 90 minutes duration. The designing of the channel is done to promote National Integration. The Institute will be in charge to generate most of the in house programs for that channel.

            The ultimate goal of the Institute is to create the opportunities in different areas specially media where employment and self-employment for the young generation can be generated.