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          1. Faculty List

            • Prof. Pabitra Sarkar
              Former Vice Chancellor, Rabindra Bharati University Education Administrator, Former Vice Chairman, W.B. State Council of Higher Education
            • Sri Subir Ghosh
              Founder Faculty Member of Mass Communication, Jadavpur University, Mass Com. Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan
              Faculty – Mass Communications, Public Relations.
            • Sri Partha Raha
              Faculty of Film Studies University of Calcutta, Burdwan University. Former faculty of. Film Studies. Netaji Nagar Women's College
              Faculty- Film Studies
            • Sri. Gopinath Ghosh
              PR Consultant, Faculty of. Public Relations, Jadavpur University, Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, BILAMS
              Faculty-Public Relations
            • Sri Rajib Ghosh
              Eminent Journalist & News Editor, Aajkaal
            • Sri Samir Goswami
              Eminent P.R. personality, faculty of Public Relations and advertising, Jadavpur University, Mass Com. Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Viswa Bharati University, Netaji Subhash Open University and IGNOU.
            • Prof. Barun Chakraborty
              Former Assistant Editor , Educational Broadcast, All India Radio Former Head of Dept., Dept of Folk lore, University of Kalyani
              Faculty- Electronic Media-Radio
            • Sri Shyamal Sengupta
              Years of experience in media industry involving direction and stage acting.
              Faculty- Television
            • Dr. Buroshiva Dasgupta
              25 years of experience as practicing journalist in Various Print Media like THE STATESMAN, THE TIMES OF INDIA, THE INDIAN EXPRESS. Former Director of Manipal Institute of Communication, Bangalore. Former lecturer at University Of Asmara, East Africa. Faculty- E-journalism.
            • Sri Surya Kumar Banerjee
              Former Reader, Presidency College, Department of Political Science, Former Faculty, B.E. College, Hoogly Mahosin College (P.G. Dept.), Teaching History & Sociology of film Making at Film Appreciation Course att Nandan, W.B. Film Centre
              Faculty- Sociology
            • Sri Biswajit Matilal
              Vice-president, Advertising, Aditya Birla. Experience in active journalism. Guest faculty at various Universities.
              Faculty- Advertising and Marketing.
            • Sri Tapan Guha Thakurta
              Former faculty Roopkala Kendra, Videography
              Faculty-Videography & Still Photography
            • Sri Swapan Kumar Bhowmik
              Faculty in Political Science of Netaji Subhas Open University
              Faculty-Political Science
            • Sri Sunit Chakraborty
              Former Senior correspondent and News Director of AIR. Guest lecturer at Burdwan University, Calcutta University and Viswabharati University
              Faculty- Radio, Public Service Broadcasting.
            • Ms. Arpita Guha Thakurta
              Visiting Faculty, Dept. of English, Presidency College
              Faculty-Compulsory English and Alternative English.
            • Sri Saikat Majumder
              Eminent TV Journalist.
              Faculty-Electronic Media, Television
            • Dr. Amales Misra
              Former Scientist –C, Zoological Survey of India, More than 30 years experience on the survey and taxonomic study of polychaetes
              Faculty-Environment al studies.
            • Sri. Swapan Maullik
              35 years of experience in journalism, former Asst. Editor THE STATESMAN, Former Director of Satyajit Ray film institution, Kolkata. Guest faculty at University of Calcutta, Bharatiya Bidhya Bhavan
              Faculty- Editing (Journalism).
            • Sri Subroto Bhoumik
              Years of experience in advertisement and design.
              Faculty- Advertisement Practical.
            • Sri Rathin Sanyal
              Years of experience in field of marketing.
              Faculty- Marketing.
            • Sri P.K.Hui
              Renowned personality in field of advertising.
              Faculty- Advertising.
            • Sri Subhsah Mohanty
              Faculty- Finance Journalism.
            • Sri. Alok Bondhu Guha.
              Faculty : Photojournalism.
            • Sri. Amit Sengupta
              Faculty- Media management
            • Dr. Arnab Kr Bannerjee
              Head, Dept. of Journalism and Mass Communication, Vivekananda College
              Faculty- Science Journalism.
            • Sri. Rangan Majumder
              Faculty : Event Management.
            • Ms. Atryee Sengupta
              Faculty: Personality Development and Self Grooming.
            • Ms. Udita Mukherjee
              Attached with renowned colleges in Environmental Studies.
            • Ms Meghna Bose
              Faculty- Sociology
            • Sri Raja Das
              Freelancer with the Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India as a Producer/ Director of Television Documentaries
              Faculty-Film production
            • Sri Avijit Ghosh
              Visiting Editor at Films Division, Govt. of India.
              Faculty- Videography Editing
            • Sri Kapil Kumar Bhattacharya
              Guest Faculty in the Department of Journalism at Hiralal Mazumder Memorial College for Women, Dakshineswar.
              Faculty- Mass Communication, Media law and Ethics.
            • Sri Soumik Chatterjee
              Faculty- Advertisment
            • Ms Mithu Bhattacharjee
              Faculty- Development Communication
            • Ms Shilpi Majumdar
              Faculty- Computer Applications.
            • Ms Anindita Chattopadhyay
              Faculty- Web Content and Web Design.
            • Sri Somenath Sengupta
              Technical Instructor- Videography, Editing.