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          1. Facilities

            We provide up to date facilities to our students. Some of the facilities are-

            • the institute have well equipped, acoustically treated AC audio visual studio.
            • Computer lab: the computer lab is a practice area for students which have all the new and necessary software related to media.
            • Video shooting camera: each student is given opportunity to learn about videography and film making through practical experience. The institute has its own camera to provide those experiences.
            • Still camera: the institute has its still camera to provide students with hands on experience about still photography.
            • Library: our library has the latest books related to courses offered.
            Other facilities are-

            • Canteen: we provide tasty and healthy foods for our students.
            • Recreation room: "all work and no play make john a dull boy". Keeping that in mind we have a recreation room for our students to encourage their creative side.
            • Guest room: facility of guest room is there for visiting faculties from other universities.