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          1. Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism


            Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication & Journalism - Why?

            'Media' that influence us to form our opinion about a product or a social incident or event are essentially to be studied in higher education to build up individual career in modern era.

            Media is a combination of tools of communication. Newspaper, Advertising, Theatre, Music, Film, Radio, Television, Internet come under the umbrella of media. Media Studies comprise different subjects related to media from Mass Communication, Journalism to Audio-Visual Communication to open up a vast horizon for the aspirant students to build up their career either through employment in media and corporate houses or by self-employment. The course is totally vocational and practical based under professional and experienced faculty from Universities, Media and Corporate Sectors.

            The young aspirant students having thrive to shine in the field of Management, Technical and Creative sectors of media are essentially advised to join the course. Subjects under Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication & Journalism Mass Communication, Development Communication, Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Audio-Visual Communication (Film, Radio, Television, Internet), Photography, Public Service Broadcasting and Community Media, Media in Society.

            The course includes communication in fluent English which is required for the present day job market including extensive hands-on training, practical classes comprise still and video photography, editing, web designing, advertising, sound recording and film making.

            University of Kalyani

            1 Yr. Post Graduate Diploma course in Mass Communiaction and Journalism contains 6 papers in Mass Communication and Journalism of 100 marks each, total 800 with practical paper. The University of Kalyani awards the Diploma Certificate to the successful students.

            Mass Communiaction and Development Communication Marks 100
            Journalism Marks 100
            Corporate Communication and Public Relations Marks 100
            Media Application Marks 200
            Media Communication Marks 200
            Practical Papers and Diploma Film Marks 100